we visited Mallorca in search of endless swims, mountain views and to learn more about the history of Mallorcan pottery.


We planned our trip to Mallorca shortly after learning about their pottery traditions. We've been hoping to expand our pottery offering and were excited to learn about the town of Portal which was rich with pottery factories, mostly still run by the same families.

We came across a factory we fell so madly in love with that we left with several boxes of pottery with zero idea of how it would end up making its way back to New York.

We were particularly impressed with the handmade nature of their pottery, each piece slightly unique and imperfect, and with loud, colorful glazes on top. It has a very substantial, almost rustic, feel to it and we loved how strong each piece feels - especially for someone as clumsy as myself.

We take in their more traditional designs - stripes, some more intricate, reminiscent of their Moorish past, and start to sketch out a few new collections we hope to make with them this year.


Found in the town of Portol, this beautifully made speckled paint vase caught our eye - one of the pieces we brought home with us and available in our market finds.


We stayed in the magical town of Banyalbufar (left). For a small village, it had just about everything we needed and more. A perfect swimming cove, walkable from the town, several restaurants including Can Busquats shown above. This restaurant was so heavenly, everything from the setting to the food. Situated on a hill above the village, we came just about every night for sunset and a wine.

Another highlight of our trip, Sa Foradada. Most people take the sensible route and arrive via boat, but we decided to be masochists and arrive via a long hike. In the end, entirely worth the pain. At the very tip of the cove you will find the most divine paella restaurant and swim cove you've ever seen, and you'll almost forget about the hike back.

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